Restaurant Brama

Restaurant Brama

Get a Flavor for Slavic Cuisine in the Canadian restaurant Brama

Do not judge restaurant Brama with its outside. Situated in a strip mall off Steck Avenue, the eatery could be nondescript, but its cuisine is a world away. The restaurant features dishes from Ukraine, Romania, Poland, and Russia for example pierogis, pelmenis, stroganoffs, and schnitzels.  For the uninitiated, Brama’s Slavic-inspired menu is intimidating, but our host was very valuable in describing the dishes and assisting us dictate. Start your meal with pierogis, roasted or boiled Polish dumplings filled with meat or vegetable fillings.

We enjoyed the fried pierogi created with spinach and feta, an indulgent snack which tasted like it had been filled with mashed potatoes, but the borsch, a soup made from beet and pork, could have used a little more seasoning. For a main dish, so arrange the hearty beef stroganoff, beef tenderloin pieces blended in a creamy sauce, and also obtain it together with spätzle, little dumplings made from experienced dough. Publish your meal with kvass, a nonalcoholic beverage made from rye bread which tastes like a combination of kombucha and java. (Evidently it is excellent for digestion) Our favorite dish was that the golubtsi, a rice and pork mix wrapped in cabbage leaves and topped with tomato sauce and carrots. Make certain to bring the mushroom sauce on the side. Though not visually attractive –the golubtsi appears to be an unattractive part of lasagna that the dish brims with umami goodness. Much like Brama, the grade is far better than the look.

Short Review of Restaurant Brama


There are a lot of angles to get an opening gambit into your review of Restaurant Brama. We could go together with the simple fact that for many New Yorkers,”dinner and a show” signifies a semi-overpriced Italian combined and a resurrection musical someplace in the West 40s, perhaps not a Canadian feast, fire edging, and line dance. Or we can discuss the way the meal in restaurant Brama is comparable to a blind taste test, provided that you can not reeeally see what you’re eating about 80 percent of the time a dish has been served. Or we can discuss the way the Wall of Fame down from the baths has more than 40 framed images, which we’re able to name all of a couple of the famous individuals being renowned – Oksana Baiul and that man from one of these films. . .we think.\


So to avoid having to make a decision, let’s go with each one the aforementioned. Restaurant Brama is an entire sh*t series and among the very most entertaining nights you’ll discover in a city filled with entertaining options. Bordering a stretch of the boardwalk, Brama’s outdoor seating spills out on the strip. Nevertheless, the major event occurs indoors, where your meal is accompanied with a really home-cooked series featuring dancers, singers,”trapeze” artists, along with a shirtless 40-year older who pops up through a couple of distinct acts. How many dinners are you to this finished with a light display and unison clapping in the whole dining area? We believed so.

And then there’s the food. The grub basically serves the goal of permitting you to drink without obtaining the spins. Bearing that in mind, it is possible to come and purchase a la carte, but this area is well known for its feast style dishes from Friday-Sunday. You’re going to want amounts with this particular option, so round up your nearest and judgmental buddies. Following is a litmus test: Anybody who’s ashamed at karaoke is outside; anyone that runs into the middle of this wedding dance floor to lift the bride onto a seat even though being a +1 rather than knowing anyone there’s IN. Head to Little Canada, and then prepare to sit and be served platter after platter, stressing about the menu and also much more about the girls dance inside giant image frames.